The Real Starting Line

I lied. No, not really. I planned to start this run tomorrow morning, but I hurt my shoulder and back while moving earlier in the week. I hoped they would be better. My shoulder is getting better, but my lower back is not. I had it checked out on Wednesday, and it will just take time. I hoped that a few more days would be enough time, but I’m out of hope.

It would be stubbornly stupid for me to start tomorrow. Now, I’m more than capable of being stubbornly stupid. God knows I’ve done it enough times. However, in this case, that would be a good way to find myself flat on my back on a Forest Service Road unable to move in a few days. I need to be a bit more careful and not invite worse problems. I’m going to do enough to my body without starting out with my lower back in agony.

So, I have moved out the start date by a week. The new Starting Line is the southeast corner of 42nd and Main Streets in Springfield, Oregon, at 7:00 AM on Monday, 27 March. I’ll be updating the route pages this afternoon to reflect the one-week delay.

I have plenty of things I can work on this week so it’s not a terrible thing, but I hate moving the start date. I want to get underway, but I’m better off listening to my back and not being stubbornly stupid or stupidly stubborn. See, I am capable of learning.