Our Sponsors

I couldn’t do this without the support of our sponsors.  Please  visit them, support them, and let them know you appreciate what they’re doing to support the Cornford Foundation.


Thanks to Nathan Helming, The Run Experience is my first sponsor. They’ve enrolled me in their 30-day Challenge to help me be able to do this injury-free (if I do injure myself, that’s not their fault!).

It’s been great talking with Nate about this, both in email and on the phone. I’ve been watching their YouTube videos, reading their blog posts, and participating in one of their Facebook groups for some time now. When I approached Nate about this, he jumped on it immediately.

I started out with the Quick Start Program. It’s two weeks worth of free run, strength, and injury prevention workouts.  Check it out!

If you’re a runner or have an interest in running, check them out, and thank them for being the first to sponsor me.


www.reebok.comReebok is providing me with the running gear I need to be able to accomplish this.

If you have any needs for athletic shoes or athletic clothing, please visit Reebok, either online or at your local store, and please let them know how much you appreciate them providing running gear for me.


www.thisbarsaveslives.comThis Bar Saves Lives is providing with me with snack bars to keep my energy up when running. I’m starting out with Dark Chocolate Cherry & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter & Sea Salt, Madagascar Vanilla Almond & Honey, and Wild Blueberry Pistachio bars.

If you’d like to try them, you can order them online at their website, purchase them in select Target stores, purchase them in select Whole Foods store, or purchase them at Starbucks if you’re in California. Please let them know how much you appreciate them providing me with these snacks for my run.


Andrew and Amanda Cornford donated the running trailer that I’m using.  There is no way I could make this trip without a way of hauling my minimal gear with me.  Thank you!


The extended Tennant Family — to Marv and Deb Tennant for providing me with the seed money necessary to start this endeavor, and to Lora Tennant and Mike Meeuwig for taking care of my umbrella cockatoo while I’m out on my run. Thank you all!


The Board of the Cornford Foundation — to Holly Johnson, Tina Lubahn, Keith Pruett, and Greg Warsco for their strong commitments to what we’re doing