Red Bluff to Los Molinos, California

13 running days down, 122 to go

Today isn’t going to be a good day. I can just feel it.

I slept okay. My drapes don’t close all the way and people were walking by my room all night, talking while smoking in groups, banging on doors to be let in. Yeah, this is great.

I know a lot of my feeling down is the weather. I’m tired of gray, wind, and rain; and I’m really tired of my feet being wet.

I’m up early trying to get a blog post written on this lousy WiFi, but no luck. Someone is standing in the parking lot shouting, “Come on. Let’s go. It’s time to go” toward the room next to me. I finally ask her to kindly shut up.

I dress in my rain gear and pack up the trailer. When traveling, I prefer to eat in local spots, but the last spot I can eat in Red Bluff is Jack in the Box. I come all this way to eat at the place that is at the intersection of where I started this run at 42nd and Main in Springfield, Oregon. So I’m going to run a couple of miles to Jack in the Box, have a light breakfast and a lot of coffee, then head to Los Molinos and hope I can find a camping spot.

When I walk into Jack in the Box, instead of being greeted with something like “Welcome to Jack in the Box; we’re glad you’re here,” I get hit with “NO LOITERING. 30 MINUTES MAXIMUM!” I understand their issue, but come on.

After what that dirt road did to my ankle yesterday, I’m going to back off a little bit. I plan to run a mile, walk a mile, etc.

While running, my mood isn’t improving any. It’s not just the weather. This housing situation is really getting to me. I’m bleeding money. I planned on an occasional motel stay as a splurge, not an every-night occurrence. I’m spending all of my non-running time trying unsuccessfully to line up housing. If that’s all I’m doing, then I’m not effective. I’m not doing the things I set out to do. Instead of running marathons and talking with people, I’m running from one motel to another and then trying to find somewhere to stay the next night. This is mentally and emotionally draining.

I realize this is the reason I’ll quit. I can physically do this for months. Unless I break my ankle, my ankle won’t stop me. My knees won’t stop me. Not making a difference and this housing situation will stop me.

I’m not quitting today, but I have to reassess what I’m doing. I’m obviously doing something wrong. It would break my heart to quit, but this is untenable.

The good news is that my ankle is doing well, my knees don’t hurt at all, and I thought I had three more miles before I reached a planned left turn when I suddenly found myself at that street.

Crossing the Sacramento River between Tehama and Los Molinos, CA
Crossing the Sacramento River between Tehama and Los Molinos, California
Hidden Cove Marina and RV Park
My stopping point