Mendota to Coalinga, California

26 marathons down, 109 to go

39 miles today. Here we go!

Coalinga - 46 miles - Oh boy!

California Aqueduct
California Aqueduct

This is the scenery for the good part of the day.

North of Coalinga, CA
North of Coalinga, California

This is the scenery for the bad part of the day.

Entering foothills around Coalinga
Entering foothills around Coalinga

I spent way too much time in those foothills. There were two routes available to me. This was the shorter route. I should have taken the longer route that stayed in the valley. Also, due to some route problems, it really ended up being 41.5 miles today.

I’m finally at my motel. I check in, dump my gear, and head next door to Denny’s without showering or changing because… I just don’t care.