Kettleman City to Lost Hills, California

28 marathons down, 107 to go

Last night, my mileage tracking app told me I had run over 500 miles in the month of April. That is truly nuts!

Because of the distance of today’s run, this entry will be brief in both words and pictures.

Between Kettleman City, California and Lost Hills, California
Somewhere between Kettleman City, CA and Lost Hills, CA

The first half of the run looks primarily like this photograph. A bit hilly, and generally brown.

Then I run through apricot orchards. I must look like hell. A farmworker comes riding up on an ATV and offers me cold water. I gratefully accept because my water is very warm from being in the trailer and the water in the last motel has such a high chlorine concentration that it tastes like I’m drinking warm pool water. He fills bottle after bottle.

Shortly after that, another farmworker rides up on an ATV and offers me a cold soda and an apple. This time, I turn him down. Communal water is one thing, but the soda and apple came out of this gentleman’s lunch. I’m not taking someone’s lunch.

After the orchards, the scenery turned brown again. Imagine the first picture, except with lots of oil derricks added. I don’t know what was lost in the Lost Hills, but oil has certainly not been lost.

Upon arriving in Lost Hills, I discover my campsite isn’t exactly what I hoped it to be. $35 basically gets me a spot in an unfenced vacant lot. The campground seems to have nice amenities for RVs, but tent campers are out of luck. There is a swimming pool, but it isn’t open until 1 June even if the temperature is currently in the 90s. There is a nice playground and a very nice dog park. I wanted to camp in the dog park.

Tent camping in Lost Hills, CA
Camping in Lost Hills, California

Yes, that sign in back shares their desire for you to not park on their grass. In an unfenced dirt lot right next to a truck stop that has hundreds of trucks going in and out constantly. I should have spent the extra 15 dollars and gone to the Motel 6 around the corner.