Firebaugh to Mendota, California

25 marathons down, 110 to go

I had a beautiful stay at the Firebaugh Inn. Unfortunately, they only had one night available, but they let me stay until 3:00 in the next afternoon so I really recharged before going to a motel for the second night in Firebaugh. Thank you again to Jenifer for getting me this room!

Indoor office - Firebaugh Inn, Firebaugh, CA
Indoor office at the Firebaugh Inn
Outdoor office, Firebaugh Inn, Firebaugh CA
Outdoor office at the Firebaugh Inn
Firebaugh Inn, Firebaugh, CA
View from the Firebaugh Inn

While I was in Firebaugh, the article came out in the Patterson Irrigator! 

Now it’s time to head to Mendota. Today is a short run, and that’s a good thing because I’m already having a tire problem. I think I’ve fixed it. I’m having a cup of coffee now while seeing if the fix holds… and it does not. I replace yet another tire tube.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about today. I replaced a tire tube on the side of a road while dust was blowing everywhere, and I did a short run to Mendota. I’ve checked in to the only viable motel in Mendota, had a bite to eat, and practiced my Spanish. I have a very long run ahead of me tomorrow so I’m calling it a night.