Chemult, Oregon

5 marathons down, 130 to go

If my superhero name is Marathon-a-Day Guy, does that mean my rapper name is MaD G? Just something to ponder.

I spent yesterday recuperating my ankle. I got some sleep, read, and basically lay around a lot with my right ankle elevated. I did go for a couple of brief walks to stretch a bit. While I enjoyed the lodge at which I stayed, Chemult itself made me sad. It’s a town that seems to exist to serve truckers and travelers passing through. No one goes to Chemult; people pass through Chemult to go somewhere else. That isn’t the sad part; there are lots of towns on highways that cater to travelers. However, in the case of Chemult, many businesses are closed or up for sale. There are four motels; two of which are for sale. There’s a shuttered and for-sale gas station. The pizza place is closed and for sale. I hope the town is able to rebound.

Dawson House Lodge, Chemult, Oregon
Dawson House Lodge in Chemult, Oregon

This is my starting point for the day. I enjoyed my stay. I had a comfortable room (room 1, the Duck room); they have coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cider available 24 hours a day; and the desk clerk was very kind to me when I staggered in at 10 at night. I start my morning by packing up, going across the street and having a lot of coffee and a chocolate muffin, talk with the guys in the diner, and I head out.

I can’t run on my ankle yet, but I’m able to walk on it better, and I have a bit improved range of mobility. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start running again when I leave Klamath Falls. Given the improvement I’m seeing, that seems a reasonable goal. Thank you to those of you who lovingly told me I was an idiot if I didn’t take a rest day in Chemult and let my ankle recuperate a bit.

Beaver Falls, Klamath Falls distance sign
Beaver Marsh, 1 hour; Klamath Falls, 2.75 days

After having spent time in the Duck room, it is very refreshing to see I will pass through Beaver Marsh. Less than 3 days to Klamath Falls!

Passing through Beaver Marsh is not so refreshing. It isn’t even worth a picture.

Hwy 97
Somewhere on Hwy 97, with Mt. Thielsen in the background

I think that’s Mt. Thielsen. That’s my best guess, at least. It looks a long way away. I’M TAKING MY COAT OFF! I’ve had either a rain coat or a winter coat on for the entire trip except for a very brief time on the first day. This is wonderful!

Junction of US-97 and OR-138
Junction of US-97 and OR-138

I’ve made it to the junction of US-97 and OR-138. That feels like an accomplishment, so…

Diamond Lake Junction Cafe
Diamond Lake Junction Cafe

It’s lunch time! The food is okay, the service is questionable, and watching the cook’s daughter eat is disgusting; but it’s the only game around. To be clear, the cook’s daughter is not a little girl. She’s a grown-ass woman with kids of her own. She shoves salad into her face until dressing flows out, then she talks like that. She eats a burger in a similar fashion, then she sucks her teeth loudly for a bit, then she picks her teeth. Great, just great. Time to move on.

Chiloquin, Klamath Falls mileage sign
Chiloquin, 1.3 days; Klamath Falls, 2.3 days

I’m making progress. I should be in Chiloquin tomorrow, and it’s less than 2.5 days to Klamath Falls. I’M WEARING SUN GLASSES! Good thing I bought a pair of clip-on sunglasses just before I left Springfied because I need them today.

Somewhere on Hwy 97

It sure is gorgeous out here.

Mt. Thielsen
Mt. Thielsen

Mt. Thielsen looked a long way away earlier, but now I’m next to it. I have come a relatively long way, but it’s also the camera on my camera phone. It looked further away in the previous photograph than it did in real life.

Bar Y
Bar Y Ranch

This is my stopping point. In this general area, I bed down for the night. I have a nice bed of pine needles, I’m dry, and I’m warm. I’m in my sleeping bag by 7, asleep by 9, and… wide awake by 11. Good night all.